EDGE scanners system was run for Roche Latvija wholesaler

On 29 June EDGE scanners system was run for Roche Latvija wholesalers (contractual warehouse Tamro), ensuring reading 2D codes for serial medicinal products.

Deactivation of serial numbers will be performed via scanner in case of defective article, sample taking and other cases. Examination of authenticity of packages may be performed also in case of suspicions. All information from the scanner on the deactivated serial numbers will reach the global repository of Roche. After establishment of EMVS and LMVS, the relevant data will be retrospectively provided in these systems.

Data transmission scheme and unique identifier’s deletion codes will be developed by the company.

It is planned to apply the EDGE scanner in cases in order to:

  • verify the status of the serial number;
  • examine the content of the pallet/ packaging;
  • examine, which serial number is missing;
  • verify completion of delivery.

Roche has ensure aggregation of packaging, when it is possible by scanning the bar code on the pallet or transportation packaging to see, what serial numbers are on the packages being inside.
Ieva Sedleniece
QP/Resp.Pharmacist/LQR/Serialization Project Lead
Roche Latvia SIA

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