The basic principle of the new medicines safety or verification system is that each packaging of a medicinal product is labelled with a unique identifier already during manufacturing in the factory and this barcode is verified right before selling the medicine in a pharmacy of before using it in a healthcare institution – a hospital, an outpatient clinic or a health centre. It won't be possible to sell another packaging of a medicinal product with the same code, by copying it from a falsified packaging – the system will display a warning and the medicine will no longer be sold and is going to be checked.

Healthcare institution

The Health Inspection can investigate the way of a specific packaging of a medical product from its manufacturer to a user, ensuring the safety of the medicine and preventing its falsification. 

The new verification system applies to the prescription medicines and the OTC medicine omeprazole. The verification system in Latvia has been created and is being maintained by the Latvian Medicines Verification Organisation. All the pharmacies and healthcare institutions in Latvia that store prescription medicines (hospitals, outpatient clinics, health centres, dental practices and clinics) should connect to this system.