EMVO repeatedly reminds manufacturers about the quality of the data

The European Medicines Verification Organization (EMVO) repeatedly reminds to all medicines manufacturers, On-boarding partners (OBP) about the quality of data that uploaded to the EU HUB and further transmitted to the national medicines verification organisations.

EMVO has prepared a webcast serie showing in detail and with practical examples the most significant OBP data uploading errors in the system's 3-year experience. Webcast serie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZFF2hwuOw8

EMVO also reminds to all OBP that product and batch data should only be uploaded to markets where they are intended to be distributed to the residents.

The quality of the data uploaded by manufacturers is essential for the normal functioning of the medicines verification system, otherwise the system generates an unreasonable number of technical alerts due to incorrect manufacturers' data in the system.