For just over three years now, a medicines verification system has been in place across Europe, including Latvia, to ensure patient safety by preventing counterfeit medicines from reaching people through legal supply chain. In Latvia, the Latvian Medicines Verification Organisation (LZVO) ensures the safety of medicines.

We are now reaching out to our customers and partners with a new informative material – the LZVO Newsletter. From now on, we will offer the most important information on the activities of LZVO and the Latvian Medicines Verification System (LZVS) in a short and summarised form on a quarterly basis.

In current newsletter we cover the development of LZVS and European Medicines Verification System (EMVS), provide insights into the development of the Alert Management System (AMS), as well as inform about the launch of the new release LZVS Core 1.10 and further support for LZVS interface versions v4 and v5. We also report on the key performance indicators for LZVS in Q1 2022.

LZVO Newsletter No.1. April 2022 (link)