The LZVO system is adapted to the EU Hub release 1.9

The Latvian Medicines Verification System (LZVS) has successfully passed all compatibility tests so that the Latvian national system is prepared for European Medicines Verification System (EU Hub) updates / system release 1.9. LZVS is ready to work without interruption and restrictions. LZVO team - IT Manager Rihards Plivčs and Quality Manager Andra Poļakova - also took a part in the testing of the new release.

EMVO is officially announced that Release 1.9 will be ready for use in PRD at 04:00 (CEST) on 5th June 2021.

The new EU Hub release 1.9 improves the alert system, enables the integration of the Alert Management System, improves performance and fixes some bugs. The National System Interface 2018 will be removed as there are no National Systems currently using it. A new National System Interface 2021 will be introduced.

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