On May 3rd, the new LZVS Core release 2.0 was installed

Latvian Medicines Verification System’s (LZVS) developer Arvato has prepared the next Core release 2.0, which will replace the current version 1.11. With the new version of the Core release, several functional changes and improvements will be introduced, including Brexit changes – activation of additional response codes, as well as strengthening of system security. The tests of the new version of the system in the LZVS test (IQE) environment were successfully completed, therefore, release 2.0 was installed in the production environment on May 3rd.

No new version of the end user interface (API) will be introduced after the Core release 2.0 is installed, so the current v4 and v5 versions will be supported. The Latvian Medicines Verification Organisation reminds that in order to benefit of all new functionalities it would be necessary to make a timely transition to latest interface version v5.

Other technical changes related to the new Core release:

Main functionalities of Core release 2.0:

- Brexit changes;

- IMT request extension with use of GlobalProductBatch state;

- Nams connectivity improvements – options to authenticate w/o end user certificate for GUI;

- certificate reminder recipient customization for NMVO;

- editable client admin rights and roles;

- product (PMD) and batch (PPD) reports removed from Core system;

- technical system stabilization, performance and monitoring improvements;

- bug fixes.

Reporting system 2.0:

- new report for MMP (multi market pack) sync and mixed bulk transaction monitoring;

- Deeplink between Nams and reporting system for authorized users;

- product withdrawn and batch recall report enhancements;

- add batch status to the product and batch overview reports over API;

- add MAH name for data transmission audit trail reports;

- add compression options for reporting API;

- technical and performance improvements;

- bug fixes.