On October 11th, the new LZVS Core release 1.11 will be installed

LZVS developer Arvato has prepared the next Core release 1.11, which will replace the current version 1.10. With the new version of the Core release, several functional changes and improvements will be introduced, including SSO (single sing out) functionality improvements, as well as system security enhancements. The tests of the new version of the system in the LZVS test (IQE) environment were successfully completed, therefore, release 1.11 will be installed in the production environment on October 11th. Installation of the release is planned at night when temporary system interruptions are possible.

No new version of the end user interface will be introduced after the Core release 1.11 is installed, so the current v4 and v5 versions will be supported.

Other technical changes related to the new release:

- technical system operation, performance and monitoring improvements;

- system stabilization and restoration of infrastructure components;

- SSO (single sign out) functionality;

- NAMS improvements – interface with NMVS and the development of the use of certificates;

- product (PMD) and batch (PPD) reports;

- new report – non-picked up bulk processes;

- defining the data archiving concept.