Updated Questions & Answers

The Latvian Medicines Verification Organisation (LZVO) has updated the information in the webpage section “Questions and answers” about the verification system and its operation, the medicines verification process, the maintenance and data security, end users of the verification system, end users’ obligations, the alert investigation, the obligations of MAH, the client portal and what to do if suspected falsification.

Updating information in nine "Questions and answers" sections, LZVO provides answers to frequently asked questions. The updated information is available in the “Questions and answers” section of the LZVO website.

“In order to make the system user experience even more pleasant and user-friendly, as well as following the example of the European Medicines Verification Organization, we have split the frequently asked questions in nine blocks, providing answers about the operation of the verification system and related questions. I invite anyone who faces uncertainties working with the verification system to look at the “Questions and answers” section of our website or contact LZVO by e-mail or by phone in specific cases,” says Inese Erdmane, chairwoman of the board of LZVO.

The current version of the European Commission Questions & Answers document on “Safety Features for Medicinal Products for Human Use” is available on the EMVO website and LZVO website.