About LZVO

The purpose of the medicine verification system is to prevent the threat of falsified medicines being supplied through legitimate distribution channels to consumers. It is a new system to check the authenticity of medicines being distributed in all European countries. Pharmaceutical manufacturers label packaging with a special barcode containing unique identifiers and enter it into the European database. Details of the unique identifiers from each pack are stored in a national database. Wholesalers verify the authenticity of medicines and supply it to the system end users. Pharmacies and healthcare institutions decommission the unique identifier from the national database before they are supplied to patients.

Healthcare institution
Ministry of Health
Develops healthcare policies and legislation, including the regulative basis for the trade of medicinal products and the operation of medicines verification system in Latvia.
State Agency of Medicines
Registers medicines, authorises placement of safety features on the packaging of medicinal products that have been registered or imported to Latvia through parallel import.
Health Inspection
Monitors the trade of medicines, investigates cases of suspected falsification and controls that the procedures of medicines distribution are followed.