LMVS updates successfully implemented

Updates to the Latvian Medicines Verification System (LMVS) prepared by the system developer Arvato Systems GmbH have been successfully installed and operational since 20 October. IT Manager of the Latvian Medicines Verification Organization (LZVO) Rihards Plivčs and Quality Manager Andra Poļakova also took part in the testing of the updates.

The LMVS is a part of the European common system having a central database and national systems in 30 countries, they are connected and operate in online mode, ensuring the verification of medicines in pharmacies, supermarkets and health care institutions. The Latvian Medicines Verification System and national verification systems of sixteen other member states have been developed and are maintained by German company Arvato Systems GmbH, while the European Medicines Verification System or European HUB, as well as national systems of several member states have been developed by SolidSoft.

With the new medicines verification system release 1.08.006 (NMVS Core release 1.08.006) or implementation of updates:

  • end-users can renew certificates in an easier way;
  • technical improvements of the system have been made and previously identified flaws have been eliminated;
  • interface versions 3 and 4 are now available to end-users;
  • support for the availability of national competent institution reports has been improved;
  • LZVO will receive an automatic notification from the system if a new registration certificate holder (RCH) is added;
  • new European HUB interface (IF-HUB-2019.1) has been introduced, ensuring information exchange.

System updates and improvements have been tested and successfully passed both joint user acceptance tests (jUAT), and interoperability tests (IOT) with the SolidSoft system and European HUB.