Started tests for the Alert Management System (AMS)

EMVO informs, that prototype and first phase of development for AMS HUB has been completed. AMS HUB solution is currently under system test by provider (started at September 17). Next milestone would be production pilot phase – October 4.

The objective of the AMS is to support EMVS users (end-users/OBPs/MAHs) to follow-up on alert investigation.

AMS (Alert Management System) is a common project by different stakeholders (EFPIA, Medicine for Europe, PGEU, GIRP, EMVO and others). AMS would complement existing EMVS ecosystem and would consist of different system and interfaces:

  • HUB AMS that would act as central repository and connection point for OBP and national AMS.
  • OBP/MAH AMS that would connect OBPs to AMS ecosystem.
  • National AMS that would connect end users and provide connection to the HUB AMS.

The EMVO guidelines “Best Practice on Alert Handling” state that the investigation of alerts is primarily the responsibility of the end user and MAH. The core mission of AMS is to provide the best way for end-users and MAHs to communicate with each other, exchange information and effectively investigate alerts.