The new LZVO client portal for the system end users has started its operation

The Latvian Medicines Verification Organization (LZVO) has supplemented its registered client portal with a new module, which is intended for system end users in Latvia – pharmacies, wholesalers and healthcare institutions, i.e., hospitals, outpatient clinics, dental practices and general practitioner practices that hold a medicines marketing authorization.

The public section of the homepage contains freely accessible information to the general public, whereas the client portal is a closed section, which is intended for use only for pharmacy specialists who are involved in verification of medicines.

An individual profile is created on the client portal for each legal person (company) – end user of the Latvian medicines verification system. Each company may be represented by two contact persons who have been assigned the portal access rights. In the company profile, it will be possible to update the data of own company, submit and receive current documents, ask questions to LZVO and receive answers. LZVO will publish on the portal detailed and topical professional information on the operation of the verification system, system updates, European and Latvian operational guidelines and other documents.

The portal also ensures completely electronic registration on LZVS for new clients, including conclusion of agreements

The new portal ensures partially automated updating of data of companies and institutions represented by clients, as the portal regularly synchronises with public databases maintained by the Register of Enterprises, the State Agency of Medicines and the Health Inspectorate. Automated processing of information allows timely detection of changes in the operation of company or institution and saving time, which may be necessary for communication on making the changes. However, some information on LZVO client portal is unique, and the responsibility for updating this information is assumed by the end user itself, i.e., the delegated contact persons of the user.

All contact persons of LZVS end users will receive to their e-mail addresses an invitation to join the new client portal, browse their data and henceforth use this communication channel for cooperation with LZVO. The companies that represent several institutions will transfer the information published on the client portal to their represented institutions, using the communication channel of their institutions (for example, networks of pharmacies).

LZVO maintains and manages in Latvia the system of medicine verification or safety control, which operates in more than 30 European countries since 9 February 2019. The purpose of the medicine verification system is to prevent a possibility of falsified medicines being supplied to consumers. The verification system has to be connected to and medicines have to be verified in Latvia by wholesalers, pharmacies and healthcare institutions, where prescription medicines are available – hospitals, outpatient clinics, health centres, doctors and general practitioners practices, dental clinics and practices.