Changes in the LZVO Team

There have been team changes in the Latvian Medicines Verification Organization (LZVO).

Since July 17, 2023, Sanda Čerdinceva has taken on the role of the new Quality Manager, replacing Andra Pučko, who has taken an extended leave. Inese Erdmane, Chairwoman of LZVO Board, says: "Many thanks to Andra for her previous work in the organization. Thanks to her high level of professional knowledge and activity, we have actively participated in the further development and improvement of the European Medicines Verification System. At the same time, I am confident that Sanda will continue her duties as the Quality Manager in Latvia with great competence and effectiveness and will also get involved in quality management working groups in Europe."

Sanda Čerdinceva is a highly skilled professional with more than 10 years of experience in quality management. She started her career as a quality management system specialist at the State Blood Donor Centre and later worked as the head of the Quality Department at the pharmaceutical manufacturing company “Silvanols”, where she was responsible for ensuring and improving the quality management system's operations, maintaining and monitoring internal processes of the company, assessing compliance according to legislation, good manufacturing practices, ISO 13485, and ISO 22000 standards, as well as conducting process and system validations. In addition to her role in quality management, Sanda has also worked as an external auditor. She gained valuable experience as the Laboratory Quality Manager at the Children's Clinical University Hospital, where she participated in internal and external audits, ensured proper document management, deviation, change, complaint, and risk management, as well as supervised corrective and preventive actions and assessed suppliers.