EMVO Newsletter on the operation of the medicines verification system

The European Medicines Verification Organization (EMVO) has launched a Newsletter, which introduces to the criteria that allow the identification of the "critical countries" of the system, tells about Romania's verification experience and other current issues of the system.

Mr. Razvan Mihai Prisada, President of ANMDMR (Romanian NCA) talking about Romania's experience in the implementation of the medicines verification system, emphasizes the importance of effective cooperation and communication of all involved parties.

EMVO has identified which countries could be qualified as “critical”, based on three parameters: the Alert rate: a percentage of the total number of scans (total number of alerts divided by the total number of scans); the percentage of connected End-Users (pharmacies, healthcare institutions, wholesalers, dispensing doctors and other decommissioning channels; the decommissioning rate: the number of successful decommissioning for dispense transactions divided by the market size (provided by IQVIA and confirmed by the NMVOs). The applied rationale is that a country is identified as “critical” if it has at least one ”critical” parameter or 2 ”challenging” parameters within the last three months. EMVO is regularly updating the list and following up the CAPAs put in place. Thanks to the efforts undertaken in the countries, two have recently gone off the list. EMVO encourages strong collaboration between the NMVOs and the NCAs to work towards achieving the target rates.  

In Newsletter EMVO also informs about the progress of EAMS (Alert Management System pilot project), as well as about IMT transactions.

EMVO Newsletter:

EMVS Community Newsletter October 2022