EMVO warns OBP about the quality of the data

EMVO remind that even if a product has a (EU) wide authorisation, i.e. licensed in many markets, data should only be uploaded to the EMVS for markets where the product in question is actively being marketed/sold and should not be uploaded to markets where the sales are not active.

Loading data more widely (in markets where the relevant product is not being marketed) increases the data burden placed on each market which ultimately leads to higher costs and thus higher annual fees for MAHs.

EMVO requires that all OBPs ensure that their system offers all possible transactions enabling the compliant execution of MAH (OBPs) responsibilities as described in the FMD, DR and the EMVS URS.

Also LZVS alert management system shows poor OBP data quality – in the Q1 68% of alerts were technical or procedural errors of manufacturers.

EMVO Letter of Announcement https://sway.office.com/zyE3LeV8LHc1Lsmq?ref=Link