EMVS Community Newsletter informs about the Alert Management System

EMVO have issued the next EMVS Community Newsletter – March 2022. The Newsletter aims to inform about the Alert Management System, best practices on reducing alerts from the point of view of the Romanian NMVO (OSMR), and to give the perspective of the Slovenian NCA (JAZMP) on the importance of implementing the FMD throughout Europe and at the national level.

The Alert Management System (AMS) is an EMVS project involving representatives from all EMVS stakeholders. The AMS’s purpose is to support users at all levels on alert investigations. The AMS will guarantee anonymity in the alert handling process while offering an environment that streamlines communication and alert statuses across the AMS Hub and national alert management systems, connecting MAHs, Wholesalers, Pharmacies and Hospitals together. This will enable a more efficient management of alerts. The first release of the AMS took place in October 2021. The End-to-End Pilot is planned to start in May 2022.

The OSMR team share best practise - the alerts percentage generated by the NMVS has been significantly reduced during the previous year. Behind these numbers lies a huge effort and commitment, shown not only by the OSMR team and collaborators, but also by all the parties involved in the project. Including an application has been developed – The Alert Manager Application.

EMVS Community Newsletter. March 2022