End users evaluate the content, form and frequency of the LZVO newsletters

To ensure that the Latvian Medicines Verification Organisation’s (LZVO) newsletters meet the needs of end users in terms of content and format, LZVO conducted a survey of end users in May of this year. The survey aimed to determine how many end users receive and engage with the newsletter’s content, as well as how the end users assess the content, format and the frequency of the newsletters. 

A total of 301 respondents, who are end users of the LZVO system, participated in the survey – public and hospital pharmacies, polyclinics, clinics, healthcare centres, wholesalers, hospitals, dental institutions and practices, family, or other specialty doctor's practices.

"In order to engage more effectively with the end users of the verification system, who are important partners in ensuring the operation and development of the verification system, in April 2022 we decided to send out a LZVO newsletter quarterly. This newsletter informs about the latest developments in the verification system and highlights LZVO’s achievements. This year marks one year since we have been working diligently to create the newsletters. We are curious to understand the readers’ perspective to ensure that the content, form and frequency of the newsletters meet end users’ needs. We are pleased that end users have positively evaluated our efforts and expressed appreciation for the received LZVO newsletters," says Inese Erdmane, Chairwoman of the Board of LZVO.

Evaluation of the newsletter's content, format, and frequency

89% of the respondents indicated that they had received at least one of the LZVO newsletters in their e-mail during the past year. On the other hand, 11% of the respondents stated that they have not received any LZVO newsletters so far.

Among those respondents (242 end users) who assessed the relevance and value of the newsletters’ information, 76% or 185 respondents rated the relevance and value of information as very good or good, while 22% rated it as neutral. Additionally, three respondents rated the relevance and value of information as very weak.

When evaluating the readability and user-friendliness of the newsletter, 80% rated it as very good or good, 18% rated it neutral, while 2% rated it as weak.

End users were also asked to rate the chosen newsletter format, which consists of short news. Out of the end users (238) who evaluated the newsletter format, 81% rated the chosen format as very good or good, 18% neutral, and only 2 respondents rated the news format as very weak.

Regarding the frequency of the newsletter’s distribution, 239 respondents provided their assessment. Among them, 74% rated the current quarterly release of the newsletter as very good or good, 26% expressed a neutral opinion, and only 1 respondent rated the current frequency as very weak.

LZVO would like to remind that anyone interested in receiving the newsletter can sign up here.