Latvian Medicines Verification Organisation renews the website and develops a new customer portal

A new website of Latvian Medicines Verification Organisation (LZVO) has been developed to upgrade and simplify the content of information accessible to wider public. Meanwhile a new comprehensive customer information portal or section is being developed only for registered users of the verification system. 

LZVO maintains and manages the Latvian system of medicine verification or safety control, which, since 9 February 2019 has been in operation in more than 30 European countries. In Latvia, wholesalers, pharmacies and medical institutions, where prescription medicinal products are available – hospitals, day care clinics, health centres, physician practices, dental clinics and practices must connect to the verification system and check medicinal products.

The objective of the new website is to divide the entire flow of information into two parts – one part includes general information intended for every resident, while the other – specific information that is intended for the users of medicinal product verification system and partners

Inese Erdmane, The Chairman of the Board of LZVO

The public section of LZVO website will contain information on the operation of the verification system, explanatory info-graphic materials and video stories, statistics and news for general public. The new website was developed by the digital agency “Bright”, its address has not changed -

An individual profile for every partner of LZVO will be developed on the customer portal, the users of the portal will be able to update their data, add topical documents, ask questions to LZVO and receive answers. LZVO will use the portal to publish detailed and updated professional information on the operation of verification system, system updates, European and Latvian operational guidelines operation and other documents.