Parakstīta nodoma vienošanās

Letter of intent with Arvato is signed

On 6 June 2017 the meeting of Members of the Latvian Medicines Verification Organisation (LZVO) was held, where the budget for implementation of the Latvian Medicines Verification System (LZVS) in 2017 – 2018 and methodology developed by the Board for covering of costs of the introduction period was approved.

All members enjoying full rights participated in the meeting. The meeting of Members approved  Law Office Sorainen as legal services provider for preparation, review and alignment of agreements in relation to establishment, introduction and maintenance of LZVS and other documents.

Representatives of pharmaceutical industries heard, evaluated, asked and tried to understand 3 Blueprint service providers recommended by the European Medicines Verification Organisation for more than a year, in order to select the most appropriate one for the needs of the Latvian market. Procurement procedure was established, selection criteria were developed, the standard or mandatory IT systems and quality requirements were described, local requirements were discussed, all 3 applicants were heard and the applicants themselves as well as their solutions and proposals were assessed. Meeting of members approved Arvato Systems as the Blueprint service provider to LZVO, provided a permit to the Board to sign the Letter of Intent and to commence work with on preparation and conclusion of the Agreement regarding establishment, introduction and maintenance of LZVS for 10 years.