Arvato Systems GmbH

LZVO hosts the heads of 16 NMVOs and representatives of Arvato Systems GmbH

On 27 and 28 June, 2018 the Latvian Medicines Verification Organisation (LZVO) in cooperation with Arvato Systems GmbH organized the meetings of work groups for two days in order to assess the current results and to plan further progress of the project of medicines verification system.

The meeting of heads of the national medicines verification organizations (NMVOs), which have entered into a cooperation contract with Arvato, was held during the first half of the day of 27 June about the issues that are common for all countries. In order to introduce the national medicines verification systems in successful and timely manner, NMVOs have established several work groups that work on the common quality issues, control of changes, further releases of the system, qualification of IT service providers, development of qualitative criteria for end-users mass uploading and service provision. The established work groups provided a report to the heads of NMVOs and agreed on the further works and goals.

In the afternoon of 27 June the heads of NMVOs met with Peter Koop and Stefan Moch, the project managers of Arvato Systems GmbH. The course of introduction of the project, planned medicines verification system releases, necessary information and support was discussed during the course of the meeting.

On 28 June the work was continued in the conference premises of the National Library of Latvia, where not only heads of NMVOs, but also quality and IT managers as well as national project managers of Arvato met and shared their mutual experience. More than fifty participants from sixteen member states participated in the workshop. Many issues were reviewed and discussed during the common work, such as the Arvato support portal for NMVO, where incidents, control of changes and other requests will be registered. Arvato informed the member states on the arising situation with reports to the competent authorities that are so far not integrated into any binding document. Arvato presented the planned solution on how to support NMVOs for certification or self-qualification of IT suppliers thereof before joining the work environment.  Such meetings are useful for representatives of all countries in order to exchange with opinions, experience and knowledge.