SWS have repeatedly rated the LZVO’s customer service highly

To improve the quality of work and cooperation with its customers, in April of this year, the Latvian Medicines Verification Organisation (LZVO) conducted a survey with Software Suppliers (SWS) about the LZVO's customer service. An invitation to participate in the survey was sent to all SWS’ who cooperate with the LZVO and offer technical solutions for Latvian end users – pharmacies, hospitals, healthcare institutions and pharmaceutical wholesalers. Answers were received from 23 representatives of SWS that currently provide services to 84% of the LZVO’s end users. 10% of the end users of the system currently use the webGUI, verifying medicines manually.

As in the survey conducted in 2021, the LZVO also received very high ratings for system performance and customer support this year. “Since the beginning of the system, thanks to the LZVO team and all parties involved, it has been possible to create and maintain a system that meets the highest quality and safety standards. Among them, regular surveys of cooperation partners make it possible to catch potential stumbling blocks of system performance and customer support in time and quickly eliminate them,” emphasizes Inese Erdmane, the Chairwoman of the Board at the LZVO.

Evaluation of technical availability and performance of LZVS

SWS’ have evaluated the performance of the Latvian Medicines Verification System (LZVS) as very good or good, with a total score 4.7 (in a 5-point system). Respondents rated the speed of system performance (92%) and daily connection to the system (91%) as very good or good. 20 out of 23 respondents indicated that, in their opinion, the technical functionality of the system can be evaluated as very good or good, while one respondent indicated that the technical functionality of the system is weak. The speed of the system has been rated with 4.8 points, which most respondents consider to be very good or good (83%).

Evaluation of customer support

More than half of the responding SWS’ (13 respondents) have used the LZVO's customer support to solve their problem situations. All SWS’ who have used the LZVO's customer support rate it as good or very good in almost all parameters – the reach of LZVO employees by e-mail and phone, addressing the issue of the matter, the speed of the resolution of the issue, support and interest, responsiveness, and positive attitude, as well as the LZVO’s customer service in general. In total, SWS’ have evaluated the LZVO's customer service with 4.8 points out of a maximum of 5 possible.

Customer service support time evaluation

Of those partners who have used the relevant LZVO customer service support (13 respondents), the absolute majority (11 SWS’) have received support within 1-4 hours, while 100% of all SWS’ have received it within one business day. Comparing the speed of support received with expectations, it can be noted that the speed of support provided exceeds the expectations of SWS’.

The LZVO thanks all partners, SWS’, for the time taken to complete the survey and for the high evaluation. The LZVO will use suggestions and comments to improve its service and operations.